Benefits and Tips on Creating a Montessori Environment for Toddlers

One of the things that make Montessori schools stand out is the classroom environment. It is designed to suit a child’s needs in every learning stage from kindergarten to high school. What most parents don’t know is that the Montessori environment is not limited to school. You can create a similar environment for your toddler at home.

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So how does your child benefit from creating a Montessori home?

They learn how to be independent

Kids learn through imitation, but they can also understand and follow some instructions when they are toddlers. For example, they see you clean up your working space at home and know from watching you that they are supposed to do the same.

One of the best ways that Montessori helps foster independence and learning through imitation is through low shelves. You can have low shelves in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen to make it easy for your kids to do simple tasks alone. It also helps them be happy, independent kids because after you teach them where everything goes, they can eventually do it themselves.

Inspires creativity and exploration

When you walk into a Montessori classroom, you will notice a designated area for every activity. Although you don’t want your house looking like a giant toy bin, having a play area with toys and books that interest your child will create a fun environment for them to learn and explore.

Remember, you shouldn’t interfere with your child or distract them when they are playing. Instead, give them the freedom they need to explore, use their imagination and creativity. To further encourage exploration, keep rotating the books and toys so your child can notice a toy or book that didn’t interest them before.

Facilitates learning

As your child grows, so does their learning ability. A Montessori home environment is not complete without some Montessori toys. Montessori toys such as building blocks, beads, wooden shapes, and puzzles stimulate learning among toddlers. You can also use other activities such as baking or shopping as a teaching opportunity for your child to learn basic mathematic concepts.

As a parent, you probably already have a kids’ friendly home environment. However, making a Montessori home environment encourages learning through play which is essential in promoting a love for learning in children. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. With a bit of creativity, you can use what you already have at home.

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