Why Eco- friendly Toys Make A Difference

According to research, 90% of kid’s toys are made from plastic, which isn’t exactly environmentally friendly. As we all know, plastic isn’t suitable for recycling which is where the problem starts. However, toy makers are now taking the lead and using recyclable material to make toys. For instance, some big brands like Lego plan to make their packaging recyclable by 2025, while others like Mattel have already committed to sustainability.

Why plastic toys harm the environment

First, the materials used in plastic toys tend to contain harmful toxins such as lead, cadmium, and other chemicals. These put your child at risk while they play. Secondly, the processing of toys and batteries used in toys consume energy that leads to greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s not all. Once your little one is done using the batteries, they end up in landfills which leach harmful chemicals into the soil we depend on to grow crops. Thus, the chemicals end up in our bodies. The plastic in plastic toys usually comes from crude oil, which impacts both the environment and humans in a negative way. Also, the packaging design uses non-recyclable materials. This is the same packaging material that hurts animals, as seen from the numerous online videos.

How does society benefit from sustainable toys?

Granted, sustainability in the toy industry helps reduce the negative impact of plastic toys on the environment. For instance, there are fewer greenhouse gasses emitted into the air, and your kids are safe even when they chew on the toys, which, as you may know, happens all the time.

Research has also shown that 63% of people would prefer to work at toy industries that care about the environment, which is a great way to put a little more pressure on the industries to adopt these policies faster. Some of the eco-friendly material include:

  • Food grade silicone
  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Rice-made toys

Tips to buying sustainable toys

  1. Focus on quality

Quality toys mean you won’t keep going back to the shop for a replacement. Thus, you will have less waste and even save money in the long run. Also, quality toys will last for generations to come, so you can keep them for your grand kids as well.

  1. Check certification

When purchasing wooden toys, it’s always best to go for FSC or Forest Stewardship Council certified toys. The organization focuses on promoting responsible management of the world’s forest. Thus, toys with their stamp mean that the company has practiced sustainability from end to end throughout the production.

  1. Check the packaging

In most cases, the toys may be eco-friendly, but the packaging isn’t. So, when making a purchase, look for companies that use sustainable packaging on their products. Usually, the packaging may exceed twice the size of the toy, which makes it vital to check how toys are packaged.

As you make plans to purchase your nest toys, make educated choices, and pick safer toys for our little ones and kinder to the environment. This will help eliminate the plethora of plastic items in the market and instead use sustainable materials such as bamboo and cotton.

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