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  • Toys Fire engine

    The 2 small firefighters climb up the steps with their hose and make sure the fire is extinguished. The ladder can be turned in different directions and can also be folded down. You roll the fire hose back in when you are done and put it in your holder.


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  • Kitchen Kitchen with pot & pan, Pink

    With this wonderful play kitchen you quickly become a real master chef. The wooden kitchen contains both pots and cooking utensils. Get your imagination going and create amazing dishes for the whole family!

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  • Toys Ξύλινος σιδηρόδρομος άμεσης δράσης

    Διαστάσεις κουτιού:  22 x 24 cm

    Περιλαμβάνει:  15x ξύλινες ράγες, 1x πυροσβεστικό όχημα, 1x ασθενοφόρο, 2x περιπολικά, 1x ελικόπτερο, 1x πυροσβεστικός σταθμός, 1x αστυνομικό τμήμα, 1x δέντρο, 1x γάτα, 1x φωτιά, 1x fabric purse, 3x κέρματα , 1x αστυνομικός σκύλος

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  • Toys Shelf with cars

    Vroom vroom! Lets get ready to play with these painted wooden cars and trucks. Perfect for small hands, this collection of gorgeous cars is presented in a wooden shelf with compartments. A neat way of tidying away after playtime, and a great addition to any playroom or bedroom.

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  • Toys Car Racing Jabadabado

    With our new tough race track, you are quickly out on the track and competing to reach the finish line first. Race with your friends and see which car is the fastest. When you run out of gas, you can just drive it into our gas station. In this way, you can build a whole new world. Of course, it can also be combined with other well-known brands on the market.

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  • Κουκλόσπιτα Bay Tree Doll House

    Full of thoughtful details, this traditional dollhouse is truly one of kind. Just the ticket to ignite imaginations and encourage tiny adventures, day after day. Painted in pretty pastel hues using non-toxic paints, this deluxe 3 storey home features realistic opening windows, a little wooden staircase and a loft ladder that’s made for exploring. We especially love the circular feature window, which adds an elegant touch to really complete the look.

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  • Κουκλόσπιτα Sky Doll House

    Sky House offers all the charm of a traditional wooden dollhouse with an added modern luxe feel.

    We adore this beautiful toy, painted in muted whites with a natural wood finish and adorned with the prettiest pastel blue accents. This gem of a home is ideal for gender neutral play and makes a striking addition to the kids room. A cosy place for miniature friends to explore. This sweet home encourages creative role play and helps with those vital co-ordination skills, for immersive learning through play.

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  • Παιχνίδια Tow vehicle dump truck

    This dump truck is really something special! Made of sturdy wood, this robust toy truck is bringing loads of fun learning to the construction site in the nursery – it also has plenty of learning and playing fun in its load! The dumping bed can be tipped over completely and its elastic band helps train fine motor skills.

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  • Παιχνίδια Wooden Train Shapes & Colours

    A train with many great colours and patterns! It can change its appearance with the colourful wooden blocks and they can be simply repositioned depending on your preference. The locomotive and two waggons can be coupled to each other and afterwards pulled with a cord.

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  • Παιχνίδια Wooden Garage Playset with Crane & Cars, Egmont Toys

    So much to discover with this lovely wooden garage. Use the crane with the magnetic hook to load the containers on the trucks.

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  • Παιχνίδια Freight station with accessories

    A comprehensive freight train set with a multitude of train tracks. This freight depot set made of FSC® 100%-certified wood offers lots of playtime possibilities. With this play set, train fans can imitate working in a freight depot and creatively express themselves in the context of rail guiding with the 25 included rail pieces. Magnetic wooden building blocks in freight and shipping container designs, a rotating crane that can swing 360 degrees and vehicles with magnetic trailers complete this set.

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  • Παιχνίδια Noah’s Shape Sorter Ark

    A perfect present for any little one!

    Noah’s Ark has removable roof panels and side panels lift up to allow little hands to collect the chunky wooden animals. It’s also unique in that its on wheels.

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  • Puzzles Set puzzle “Safari”

    Welcome to the safari! The goal of this wooden puzzle is to put the seven savannah animals in their correct spots. In the process, children not only train their motor skills and shape recognition, they are also required to show concentration and patience.

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  • Παιχνίδια Marble run junior construction site

    The components of this Junior Marble Run are very easily assembled so that the extra-large, colourful wooden balls can begin their trip over the construction site. Young motor activity beginners will be especially happy during their fantasy-filled play. The exciting construction site elements playfully teach the cause-and-effect principle.

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  • Καλλιτεχνικά & Χειροτεχνίες Words insert “Educate”

    With these letter-dice made of FSC® 100%-certified wood, children can create their first words. With the inlay board they remain where they belong and do not get out of place. Everything can be stowed away in a wooden box and can be easily transported. This game encourages the spelling and vocabulary development.

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  • Μαγειρική Callum play tableware- Rose multi mix

    Let your little one invite friends to great make-believe meals with the Callum Play Tableware. A perfect accessory set for any play kitchen, and all your little one needs to set a table that looks just like the real deal.

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